A sales platform for local experience services for event organizers

Doerz Connect is a user friendly platform that provides fair and congress organizers and the wider event sector with a single booking site for services in their areas. The service creates added value for both professional events and consumer customers. Doerz is also a great sales platform for online experiences.
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Doerz Connect brings us unlimited opportunities to integrate local content to events in Helsinki. Doerz Connect works for both live and virtual events. We are now able to present the city's potential in a whole new way and offer the event participants an easy way to experience the authentic side of Helsinki. Using Doerz Connect helps us attract visitors to stay in Helsinki for some extra days, no matter whether they are here for business of for leisure.
Laura Aalto
Laura Aalto
CEO, Helsinki Marketing

Top benefits

Also for individuals

In addition to local companies, the Doerz platform can also be used to offer services from private individuals for event visitors. Payment and message traffic is automated.

Easy to use

Our main goal is ease of use. With Doerz Connect you'll gain access to a custom summary page, and branded subpages for several events if needed.

All under one roof

The whole range of activities is in one place. We help to bring valuable content to event visitors and make purchasing easy for them. Online experiences too!

Take advantage of the live like a local trend

“Local” and “authentic” are big trends in tourism right now. Doerz Connect is an excellent choice for conference and seminar organizers, fair organizers, and other event organizers who want to give their customers the chance to experience more than just hotel life. The local services are brought to travelers for easy booking with Doerz Connect. During travel restrictions we highlight the possibilities of local traveling and online experiences.
Business travel doesn't have to mean a day in a congress center and a lonely night in a hotel. With Doerz Connect an event visitor can for example book a 'live like a local' coffee experience with a local colleague or a private discussion with the keynote speaker. The experience can be professional, touristic, or anything in between.
Advantage #1
Added value and authenticity for event visitors
Local content within easy reach. Event visitors can easily and effortlessly find the destination city's activity selection with Doerz Connect. The event organizer has the possibility to manage the provided content and customize it based on visitors' interests.
Advantage #2
Stay in the event city lengthens
We'll help with networking and experiencing local experiences regardless of location. Doerz Connect is suitable as a tool for both physical and virtual experiences. Event organizers can freely choose what type of experiences are provided.
Advantage #3
Suitable for physical and online experiences

Simple, easy-to-use features

Landing Page

Each customer will get a customized landing page.

Product pages

Experience providers are able to create their own product pages. There is also a separate category for online experiences.


Payments will be made to experience providers automatically.

Search engine optimization

We work continuously to improve your search engine visibility.


Customer admins have access to comprehesive moderation tools.


All Doerz Local services include a comprehensive package of marketing actions and social media visibility.

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If you want to provide experiences, please read Become a Doer.

What is Doerz Connect?

Doerz Connect is a fully web-based platform that enables offering local services to participants in various events. The service allows both local companies and private individuals to provide activities for event visitors. Doerz Connect is a great way to offer added value to travellers during events, especially for conference, seminar and trade fair organizations, but it is equally suitable for use at consumer events. We make buying experience services easy. The Doerz platform is also ideal for selling virtual and online experiences.

The platform with its experiences can be integrated into the customer's own website and with the SaaS service - we practically take care of the entire technical implementation for you. Doerz Connect also offers the ability to take advantage of widgets and APIs. Doerz Connect is completely GDS-independent and our payments go to service providers via Stripe without complicated intermediaries. The customer is only responsible for managing their own landing page and their offered experiences. Within Doerz's product range, Connect is our most versatile and most customizable product. Each Connect agreement is precisely tailored to the customer's needs.

In addition to the technical execution, our monthly fee-based service always includes a substantial marketing package and social media visibility, should the customer wish. Our service is built to be SEO friendly. If necessary, you can also buy other support measures for experience marketing from us. This frees up your own time and makes use of resources more efficient. Doerz’s big advantage is the scalability of everything. We are able to serve large organizations, but both technology and pricing are built so that even small organizations are not out of our reach.

Doerz Connect opens new doors in event marketing. No other service in the current market makes it possible to combine the supply of both companies and individuals under one roof. Companies operate with their own business IDs, but it is possible to bill private individuals via Doerz. For example, this enables providing peer-to-peer experiences through Doerz Connect. Our platform’s features are specifically tailored to the needs of tourism and event operators. Among other things, there is support for various VAT rates, and we also serve the international market in many ways. There are currently six language versions: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French and Chinese. New language versions will be added based on demand. Russian will be one of our next language extensions. We comply with the accessibility regulations required for public procurement services.

The technical implementation of the Doerz platform is built entirely in-house. We invest in continuous product development and listen to the industry closely. We want to offer a service based on customers' needs that develops and lives in sync with the world around us. As the pandemic shakes the event industry, the importance of locality has grown even more, and the demand for online services has risen. Doerz Connect is a great tool for this!