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Head of Experiences

Doerz is a Finnish startup with HQ in Turku. We are looking for third member to join the team as Head of Experiences.

We have built our own technology and the model for internationalization. We have also started building the basis for the Doerz community. Now we are focusing more strongly on experience content in our first target markets in the Nordics and Northern Europe.
You will be leading our experiences offering: landing the new experiences and organizing the testing. For the new cities, you’ll be planning and executing the suitable way for the target market to build the content and in the beginning, launch the service locally.
Besides other compensation you will also have a significant part in our stock option plan.
We are looking for a senior-level person, who wants to build and learn new things together with us. From a junior-level person we expect extremely high ability to grow and evolve with the task.
We work with an international mindset. The trend of travelling is turning to a direction of live-like-a-local. People are looking for authentic experiences and meetings with the locals. Sharing economy is booming globally. We are strongly tied to these trends. We look to be the global leaders of new experiences business.
First look us up. If you feel this is something you could be passionate about, do not hesitate to contact us straight away: give us a call, come and visit or send a message, whatever works best. We think it’s going to be the next big thing and we need you to share that vision.