Bike ridding frm Canal St Martin until La Villette park

From the bike lanes we can enjoy the vivid life along the ca

Canal Saint-Martin, France
Available in English, French and Italian
1 hour
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

The canal St Martin and canal de l'Ourcq can be tricky for a first time by your own, that's why I

propose to take along with me and point some streets art out, where will be worthy to stop by to

have a bite, to take pictures, to hang out and see the ducks,the swans and the time pass by.

I recommend you to rental a bike before meeting with me.

About Andréia - the Doer

A citizen of the world, I have lived in Rome, New York, São Paulo and currently in Paris for the last ten years, an art and museum geek, a foody in responsible, respectuful way towards animals, human effort and the planet.


Your own rental bike