History of Berlin

Get to know the history of Berlin on a guided walking tour

Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
10 spots per experience
September - December

What are we going to do

This walking tour will give you an opportunity to get to know Berlin with an experienced and professional guide. The tour covers the history of the city from the time when Kaiser ruled the city, all the way to the Nazis coming to power and moves on to the cold war, up until the Berlin wall came down, finishing off with how the city looks today.

For a smaller group (2 persons) the price will be 40€ / person.

About Reetta - the Doer

I am originally from Finland but have been living abroad almost 14 years. Before Berlin, I spent years in Estonia because of my work and studies. Nowadays I’m spending a lot of time in England in addition to Germany.
I’ve been in Berlin since 2013 and most of that time I’ve been working as a tour guide. The city stole my heart from the get-go. It is one of the quirkiest, most fascinating cities I’ve ever come across. It can also be confusing because of its size alone. It might be difficult to know what to do and where to go. Walking tours are a great way to get to know Berlin, including the history of it.
I absolutely love my job. I get to walk around in my beloved Berlin while telling stories about it and meet travelers around the world, who share their stories with me… Incredible!


Comfortable shoes and an AB zone ticket for public transport.

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