East meets West Food and History tour

Food, street art, history and culture clash together

Available in English
4 hours
9 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Discover the real side of Berlin in the vibrant + urban soul of Kreuzberg and Neukoelln. Unique is one way to describe the fascinating neighbourhoods. They have a charm like no other, sporting an alternative, chic, and hip-style while still holding deep roots from the days of grunge, punk and current vibrant techno scene. 'Kreuzkoelln' as the locals nickname the two suburbs are also the home to world-famous street murals and the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey. There is nothing you won't discover on this tour of south Berlin.

On this tour our intimate group led by our expert foodie guide will be taken off-the-beaten path and along the backstreets to discover the local food scene, the hip start-up movement of Europe and fascinating history of these two areas.

Indulge in the districts local cuisine from:
the 2017 award winning fusion-Fries creation
Kreuzberg's famous Arabic Shawarma, Hummus, Halloumi, Falafel plate
Grandmas mouth-watering homemade slice (we won't spoil it)
Learn about Berlin beer history & the Reinheitsgebot
Famous street beers at the ''Späti'' and taste 3rd wave craft beers
Taste a unique Syrian dessert
Dive into the popular Berlin street-food
Unearth Berlin's hip barista culture

Walk along the famous Eastside Gallery - the longest stretch of still standing Berlin Wall, covered in famous street art. It is the longest open air gallery in the world
Discover the magical Oberbaum Bridge - Berlin's historical bridge connecting former East and West Berlin
Hidden famous Street Art murals from BLU, JR, Victor Ash and more
Memorial to victims of Nazi Germany
Be enriched by ‘‘Little Istanbul‘‘
Feel like a local 'Berliner' - these districts move to a beat and have a heart and soul like no other!

About Fork & Walk - the Doer

Hello fellow foodies! We're a small team of local Berliners who share a passion for food & our city.

Berlin holds a unique food culture touted as ''the city outside of the country'' and certainly a colourful history.
We present you with the history of Berlin through its food, from the trends and traditions, to immigrant influences and street-food, iconic market halls and fusion cuisine, right through to the future of food of sustainability & vegan creations.
Though the story of Berlin's cuisine is not complete without the influence of its tumultuous past, this division and movement has formed the capital to its present day. Representing a glamorous mix of street-art, immigrant influences, culture flair and world-renowned club scene. Each of these forming to create culinary impacts & challenges that makes Berlin the extraordinary capital it is today.
We are so excited to share our knowledge & stories with you.

So, what are you waiting for, come Fork & Walk with us!


Comfortable walking shoes
Rain jacket or poncho (weather dependent)
An empty stomach and a big smile