Berlin vegan tour

Get to know Berlin's amazing vegan scene & find the hidden g

Available in Finnish and English
3 hours
10 spots per experience
August - November

What are we going to do

We will take a deep look into Berlin's diverse vegan food culture while cycling or walking through the hidden gems of the city. We start the tour in Friedrichshain and end it in Neukölln, where I live.

You will not see any tourist attractions in this tour! During my tour you'll find out why Berlin is called "Poor but sexy" (spoiler: because it's very charming). Depending on the attendees, we'll check out the 1 euro falafel or one of the high-end Vietnamese restaurants. After that I will take you for a short walk or cycling tour to check out a street art spot and chill in one of the big parks of Berlin. Feel free to ask me anything from veganism to how to get in to a club in Berlin. I'm looking forward to hang out and have some good time with you!

The tour does not include food or drinks - but I make sure the prices are suitable for every budget!

About Iita - the Doer

I've been living in Berlin for 7 years now. I love to cook and when I go out to eat, it better be good! I've found the best budget diners in the city as well as high-end restaurants that are well worth the money.

I have hosted people from all over the world and I've figured out very few of them want me to show them any tourist attractions. They appreciate the hidden gems and simply hanging out with locals and see what's the real charm of this city. That's why I decided to organise the tour. I want to show you the city from my perspective.

In addition to showing te vegan scene in Berlin, I want to help you to find activities that are unique to Berlin. I will introduce you to my favourite cafes, restaurants, bars, jazz clubs and art galleries.




Iita’s vegan tour was really fun. We rode bikes through the neighborhoods to get some delicious food. We went to Sahara Imbiss for some amazing food. And then we got some great vegan gelato. I highly recommend this tour. I’ll will definitely go again when I’m back in Berlin.
Iita Iita Thank you :) Hope to see you again when you're back!


Iitas' vegan tour was really fun. You get to see the city from another perspective while enjoying delicious vegan food. Also a bonus was that the food at the places we went to was quite cheap in comparison to most vegan places. We ended the tour by having some drinks at a beer garden next to the river Spree. I highly recommend!
Iita Iita Thank you Karoliine, it was a pleasure to meet you!


Very fun experience! Biking trough the city discovering new places and great food! Iita truly knows her deal when it comes to vegan restaurants!
Recommended for foodies and meeting cool peeps!
Iita Iita Thank you for coming! I had so much fun as well :)


I really like the tour, special if you are looking for a different activity to hang out and get to know new people it definitely worth it, it’s just a way to get to know more vegan options in Berlin and hang out with nice people,
Iita Iita Thank you Alex! It was nice hanging out with you!