Aurajoentien matkailutie


A new tourist road was established in Finland for the first time in a decade, and it is not just any road. The Aurajoentie road travels the entire 70 kilometres from Turku to Oripää in our national landscape in the Aurajokilaakso. The Aurajoentie Tourist Road has its own logo.

Aurajoentie is a historic Varkaantie that runs along the west side of the Aurajoki. Aurajoentie is a national landscape and a nationally valuable built cultural environment (RKY) with dozens of interesting landscape and cultural sites and service companies. Few Helsinki residents know where Lieto, Aura, Pöytyä or Oripää are located – but everyone knows where the Aurajoki is.

There is loads of experiences along the way

Farmers market Auran iltatori at Auraamon tori in Aura, canooing in Aurajoki or relaxing in old fashioned bathing tub. Explore all the experiences!

Come. See and experience.

The lush river banks and buzzing rapids of the Aura River. Grainy fields, old churches. Bends and hills. Have an adventure. Eat and drink. Enjoy

Reviews of Aura experiences

Junaretki Turusta Auraan

Oli todella hyvin järjestetty :) Eli kiitos minun puolestani :)

Junaretki Turusta Auraan

Kiva kokemus, tulen uudestaan mielelläni.

Junaretki Turusta Auraan

Lapsiperheelle hyvin toiminut kokonaisuus. Eli kesto sopiva ja mielekäs esiintyjä sekä munkit maistuivat.
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