Living Off The Land: get to know the best plants and wild herbs

Learn to spot & utilize edible wild plants in the grounds

Lahti, Finland (Asikkala)
Available in Finnish, English and German
1 hour 30 minutes
12 spots per experience
May - September

What are we going to do

Are you eager to know
- what is horta hunting (hortoilu) and why it has made Finns go wild?
- how to spot, recognize and utilize edible, medicinal and other beneficial plants in your backyard?
- how you can easily add wild green stuff to enrich your everyday cookery?
- how to improve your diet for free when spending time at the summer house, or out in the open (hiking, camping, canoeing), instead of going grocery shopping?
- what's the hame of that fragrant, aromatic plant is that grows by the ditch?

Let's go out and explore your surroundings together - whether you're staying at your family cottage, a rental villa, on wheels or in a boat!

I'm a schooled Natural Resources Producer, Non-Wood Forest Products Advisor, and Wild Herbs Guide. Let me take you through the jungl... I mean, flora, in a down-to-earth, laid-back but yet enlightening way!

About Yrtti-Jyrki - the Doer

Well along my forties I took a break from nine to five work at the office and went back to college to become a Natural Resources Producer, specialized in household and commercial use of wild herbs and berries. And while at it, I then continued towards another vocational degree in Tourism Services, and became an authorized local guide in Lahti, Finland.
For the past several years, I have been giving guided walks and workshops about herbs and other plants, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon.


Outdoor clothing, baskets or similar, preferably cooking facilities.
Parking for my car. Travel expenses (mileage from Asikkala) will be added to the prize.