Peat treatments + massage peat products

For a relaxing treatment with peat and full massage.

Ähtäri, Finland
Available in Finnish, English and Swedish
1 hour
4 spots per experience

What are we going to do

Sports injuries, which soothes the inflammation and accelerates the healing of sports injuries. Peat, which is heated to 40°C, is applied to the lower back area and covered with cling film. Peat-filled heat packs are placed on top of the film, which provide a truly comfortable warmth and the bioactive ingredients of the peat are absorbed effectively into the back. The head, hands, and feet are massaged while the peat is on the back. This treatment is very effective for shoulder and back pain. In the massage we use the so called “Aaltonen technique”. The back is massaged and any vertebra locks are opened. Duration of the treatment 60 minutes. Price €50

About Heikki - the Doer

We have been doing peat treatments and products for 23 years
These treatments and products have helped many of our customers because it is so interesting
come and experience the experience


You can come to peat treatments and discover our peat products.
We have towels and other necessary
Just come on, we'll take care of you and tell you about the peat.

LehtoPeat- Heikki and Tiina Welcome !!

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