Authentic experiences while traveling

We help travellers find real-life experiences with locals. We also help locals share their passion for their cities and hobbies.

Our Hidden Heroes - the people providing the authentic local experiences - are the core of the Doerz community. These days meeting these awesome locals and being able to experience the city through their eyes is something people are looking to find - no one wants to be a tourist anymore!

Doerz is a platform and mobile application that builds the bridge between travellers and locals.

How to book the experiences?

Some of our Doerz list events: you can book a spot for you or your group for a fixed date and time. And some of them prefer organizing on-demand events - the event is tailored for you, and they are eagerly waiting for you to ask for an offer from them.

Go and check out the listings and get to know the people, we’ve got some real gems there!

As payment, we accept debit and credit cards, Alipay, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

I want to be part of the community!

For the Doerz – our Hidden Heroes providing the local experiences – we help you in many ways to start sharing your passion. Read more or start from here.

For the travellers looking to find authentic experiences with the locals - well, you have come to the right place! We are VERY HAPPY that you found us.

The story

The story starts from the Nordics. Our founding team comes from Finland and loves experiencing new cities. But we do it with a twist: we’ll go the extra mile to hang out with the locals to do authentic local things together with them. For us that is the best way to feel what the city is all about.

We believe in sharing and equal people doing things actively together. Urban culture is something we are very much into and creating cultural impact is close to our hearts.

We promise our customers to provide new experiences, experiences that are otherwise not available in that city. The main task for us is to come up with a solution to question: what can I do in this city?

Our Doerz - the Hidden Heroes providing the experiences – are passionate about what they do and love sharing that passion with travelers and groups. We are sharing economy and city culture, locals sharing their hobbies, skills and cities. People actively doing stuff together. That is the Doerz Way.

Team Doerz: Tomi, Heini and Arto

Doerz Co Ltd Oy
Turku, Finland