Meditative kantele workshop

Exploring Finnish kantele as a meditative instrument

Äänekoski, Finland
Available in Finnish, English, French, Spanish and Russian
30 minutes
10 spots per experience

What are we going to do

First we get acquainted with kantele, Finnish traditional instrument in all its variety from 5-string to large concert instrument. Then we try meditative kantele playing together. With 5-15-string instruments tuned to the same mode there are no "wrong notes" but the whole resonating world to explore in a meditative journey.

About Olga - the Doer

I'm passionate about Finnish music culture and traditional instruments. Sounds of kantele are like nothing else in this world, mesmerizing with its intertwining resonances. I play all kinds of kantele but my true passion is meditative improvisation with 11-15-string kantele. Music with "no end and no beginning", a continuous journey in a musical universe of resonating strings.


No special requirements, you don't need to have earlier musical training to try meditative kantele.




Hei, kiitän meidän molempien puolesta tämän päivän tarinatuokiosta. Piristi kesäistä sunnuntaita. Terveisin Teija ja Kirsi

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